White Muzzles and Toeless Socks

It baffles my mind and eats away at the pit of my stomach...

Billions of older dogs in shelters all over the nation, homeless and left to die. A companion that has given over a decade of unconditional love and affection—is now waiting their turn in line to learn their fate. It makes no sense to me. Abandoned—all because their owner didn’t want them anymore. With special thanks to “dog’s best friend”, not many other people will want them either.

People are running. Running from the real truth. Running from that one day when they will have to put their beloved pet to sleep. Humans run from the pain. They run from reality. They might care about that animal, but are too weak to do anything about it when their dog needs them the most.

Often, there is no other choice but to relinquish their animal. But, please find a loving home for your pet yourselves. After all, that dog has given everything it had to offer you and now, you don’t want them anymore? Like an old pair of toeless socks that get discarded after time, that dog is usually surrendered to an already overcrowded shelter.

I’m sorry, but there is aways a way. A dog is a commitment. It is about making priorities and good decisions from the start. When I adopted my first dog, I was asked by the shelter what my life plans were for the next 14 years, minimum. In good times or bad. In sickness or in health. Money, no money—I adopted my dog. Despite the odds, he was mine.


As the economic climate remains uncertain, it just might be my own cardboard box that I will live in. However, it will be my dogs that will keep my feet warm. I cannot imagine how anyone can relinquish a pet that they have “loved” for that many years?! Dogs are capable of expressing enough emotion to be considered a member of the family. They are your witness, your protector...your guide. They aren’t just a dog. They are your dog.

We get set in our ways, our dog grows more loyal. We hold grudges, they forgive. We are selfish, they just keep giving. We are contingent, they are unconditional. We grow impatient, they wag their tail. We get crabby—they just get sweeter. We have other people to occupy our life. Our dogs only have us. In spite of our differences, we make history with our dog.

...and then it dawned on me. There are dog owners, then there are dog people. There is distinguishable difference. It is the dog person that remains strong, when it’s time to let go. It is the dog owner that simply owns a dog. It is the dog person that will stay with them until their last breath.

Are YOU a dog person?

I want to remind my readers that your sweet, old dog is the same pup you fell in love with when you got him. Most importantly, there are many resources to consider if you need kind, gentle places to contact for specific assistance for an aging dog:



Christina Bournias resides in Michigan with her 3-pack; three new beautiful adopted miracles. As her “Angelwriter”, Nicodemus (1997-2010) is the wisdom behind the stories she shares. Christina champions the magnitude of building the bond between a dog and their person(s) by means of respectful communication and enduring admiration.

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January, 2013: American Pet Magazine | V2 Issue1, Page 10

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