Enzo vs. Mirror: IT Comes As No Surprise

The mirror was positioned in a new place—different from it’s usual corner. Its purpose was to determine what items of clothing would be donated to charity.

But, Enzo didn’t see IT that way.

From the mirror’s reflection, I observed my pack. Enzo watched me as I threw on and off every sweater I owned, Devlin’s eyes were wide with anticipation, and Azella was indifferent with the whole clothing situation. I turned to them and smiled, then went on with my business. I had a substantial ‘to do’ list in front of me.

While other family members grew impatient with my agenda, Enzo understood what it meant to work hard. For herding dogs—and their owners—getting it done is ‘all in a days work.’ Not that my other two dogs aren’t energetic, but it’s Enzo who makes non-stop look like putting your feet up. Typical for Border Collies and Australian Shepherds, Enzo expresses his enthusiasm in the most unusual ways. Despite his angelic disposition, his rough-around-the-edges approach to life isn’t always ideal. He picks and choses who he tells off, but plays nice with his favorite friends.

Enzo continued to perform enthusiastic somersaults off the bed. He shook his head and dug his nose in the comforter, then flipped over on his back, as if to make a final attempt at capturing my attention. With this last submissive gesture, Enzo let his guard down—and something entered the room without his approval. Suddenly, the mirror became another entity.

We had a visitor. And IT looked mean.

The beast stared back at Enzo. IT was black and brown with two peculiar dots over its eyes. IT had a growl larger than life. Enzo growled. IT growled. Enzo growled. IT growled. IT was guarding its territory. But, so was Enzo. He seemed mad that he had slacked off on the job. However, Enzo made up for lost time. Warning me of the intruder that somehow appeared in our bedroom, he barked and barked and BARKED. The thunder got louder and louder. He barked. IT barked. He barked. IT barked.

Enzo’s confusion changed to fear, then to aggression, then back to confusion again in a matter of seconds. This explosion between Enzo and IT sent my entire pack into a frenzy. While I’ve learned to understand dog language, clamor at this magnitude shook even my insides. Devlin and Azella were now racing to the window to see what all the commotion was. Our calm household instantly turned into crazed excitement.

After Enzo stood his ground, he mustered the courage to inch closer. As if to try a different approach, he hunkered down, keeping a close eye on IT. He was now nose to nose with the intruder. The closer Enzo got, the closer the monster came to him. IT got bigger and bigger and BIGGER. Startled, Enzo darted away from the mirror, then looked over his shoulder. IT was quiet for a second. Enzo yawned and walked away, unsure. All at once, the wild thing went away.

So, Enzo sniffed behind the mirror.

Nonetheless, I moved IT to face the wall. I thought about offering Enzo an explanation, but decided I’d let him work it out for himself. He retreated back to bed, rubbing his paw over his nose. Then he opened his mouth, as if to crack a smile.

His work was done (for now). Today, there are a few more nose prints on the mirror. Tomorrow, Enzo will forget what happened, and begin hollering all over again. In fact, I don’t think Enzo’s convinced that the enemy has left the building. Every so often I catch him giving IT a dirty look. While we may have other unannounced guests, I bet there will be a hard working dog to keep them away.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 is “National Work Like A Dog Day.” Please join me as I honor Enzo, and all the creatures who ‘work like a dog.’ These honorees are not to be confused with being a “workaholic.” Workaholics work all the time, but rarely do they work hard at all. Individuals who ‘work like a dog’ carry more than their load and possess relentless pursuit in accomplishing a task until it’s done. They work hard while they’re working, however, they are not always working. This fun pet holiday’s creator is still unknown. (Perhaps they took the day off?)

Christina Bournias resides in Michigan with her 3-pack; three new beautiful adopted miracles. As her “Angelwriter”, Nicodemus (1997-2010) is the wisdom behind the stories she shares. Christina champions the magnitude of building the bond between a dog and their person(s) by means of respectful communication and enduring admiration.

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2015 © !woof Nicodemus™

June, 2015: American Pet Magazine | V4 Issue2, Page 6,7 and Page 9












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