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As a premium provider, we offer quality service and produce a superior, innovative product that's planned to meet the unique visual message of each client. Our business model respects design integrity, yet we aim to achieve positive results and fiscal success for our clients.

Zero322 specializes in brand strategy, logo design, and copywriting.

We specialize in the complete electronic design and build of logo architecture, but we also develop initial brand strategy that governs visual identity usage, positioning platform, and its marketing activities and applications; including advertising and content writing.

We are a brand management, logo design, and copywriting company. We specialize in the complete electronic design and build of logo architecture, but we also develop initial brand strategy that governs visual identity usage, positioning platform, and its marketing activities and applications; including advertising and content writing.

Our focus is branding; strategy, naming, logo design, verbal identity, and messaging. However, we remain agile, moving into adjacent areas of communications channels such as digital marketing and social media.

The objective of brand identity is to generate energy and enhance the image of our client's stakeholders. A well designed, calculated, and coordinated brand strategy campaign will be expedited and implemented, providing proofing steps are organized and judicious. All work will be completed in a time efficient and responsive manner. Zero322 will provide targeted design and communication support efforts, aiming to leverage client brand awareness and positioning platform in order to attract, increase, and retain interested target segments.


With a professional background focused in branding and brand governing, Zero322 will protect any and all brand images and campaign development efforts. In addition to design and build of brand identity file format packages, used for all applications, Zero322 is capable of content writing for digital communications and presentations.


With a thorough understanding of brand design and build, Bournias recognizes just how important both content and creative are to final product. Experience with new business team pitches and written Line Of Business [LOB] initiative documents, Zero322 is familiar with working with a diverse client base, including government schemes and improvement committees. In addition, Zero322 can execute customer-centered marketing and communication plans that involve all brand identification and “campaign-able” marketing mix materials.


Let's start with what a brand is not. A brand isn't what we say it is. A brand is what our customers think it is. Essentially, a brand is a promise. A company's promise. With that mindset, Zero322 creates lasting brand solutions that resonate in the minds of all its stakeholders. We understand the importance of how innovation must connect with business objectives. We seek to understand our clients from their vantage point and plan to deliver on that promise as chief brand ambassador.

We recognize that brand strategy, intelligent written content, and cohesive marketing mix materials are all a part of building a brand; not just about designing a logo. Design is simply not enough. And a logo is just part of the branding equation. We construct handsome logo designs, but we prefer to develop impressionable brands that make a good impression.


  • Advertisement copywriting

  • Brand consultation

  • Brand identity guidelines

  • Business system designs

  • Co-branding extensions

  • Consultation

  • Content writing

  • Customer needs questionnaire

  • Digital communications

  • Identity design and buildout

  • Keynote presentations

  • Marketing mix materials

  • Naming criteria evaluation

  • Positioning and taglines

  • Project management

  • Research and development

  • Social media management

  • Software training

  • Strategy template and plans


Zero322 aims to develop quality work that meets the branding needs of every product. We adhere to standards set forth by our clients. We lead by effective communication, mutual respect, and design integrity and believe that this collaboration is vital to the brand development process. We heighten brand awareness through all media channels. We define tone of voice. We amplify positioning statement. We enhance web presence. We motivate and lead. We manage. We govern. We do good work.


  • Seek to understand, clarify expectations, and manage upwards

  • Expedite engaging brand solutions consistent with client goals and objectives

  • Strive to hit targeted messages the first time by active listening

  • File structure and organization

  • Meet due dates, over-deliver, and exceed expectations

  • Establish process assessments and milestones

  • Maximize project time while providing revisions as needed

  • Conduct analysis and track results

  • Aim for success and positive results

  • Provide improvement measures

  • Adapt conflict resolution

  • Client satisfaction and repeat customers


  • Active listening

  • Attention to detail

  • Calculated

  • Cost-effective

  • Integrity

  • Leadershiip

  • Mutual respect

  • Seek to understand

  • Swift


With integrity as our compass, our identity 6 step process gears up for success. In order to continue to build the brand, additional promotional materials are typically generated once this roadmap process has been established. In addition, Zero322 relies on earning the trust of their client by always inviting them to participate in the creative process.


We offer clever brand solutions that are not only for final creative product, but more process oriented and targeted for driven results. We are talented designers, however, we are copywriters that write compelling copy. We articulate an excellent command of grammar, yet we appreciate color, aesthetics, and composition. We are both visual thinkers and brand directors. We design, draft, implement, and manage the creative process from start to finish. We are careful and pay attention to detail, yet we are responsive to the task at hand. We work swiftly, but accurately.


Zero322 exceeds expectations and continuously over-delivers. Our company will work on every project to satisfaction. Though a one person company, we do not work solo. We invite all clients and; or pertinent departments to join the creative process. We validate constructive criticism, and we hear winning solutions by listening to our clients. Task team suggestions only make the final product more connected to overall goals and objectives, leading to desired outcomes and continued success.


Clear expectations and upward management is important to Zero322. We believe that the working process is vital. The more informed all pertinent parties are, the more intelligent the communication materials will be. When we need more information to understand the scope of our assignments, or what's specifically expected, we ask.


Zero322 does not function best with ambiguity. If an exceptional solution will come out of simple dialog and explanation, we will initiate questions in efforts for clarity. We seek to understand our clients, and believe that the more informed vested parties are, the better the final outcome.



Contract and agreement revisions will be made timely. Zero322 maximizes the amount of changes at once and will hold appropriate parties accountable for their role in each project. We accept our own responsibility first and foremost.



In the unlikely event there is a complaint, resolution will be made by a logical corrective action in order to resolve the matter. Any concern, the Zero322 executive team will schedule an in person meeting and will not hide behind department layers or email correspondence.

Zero322 is proposing not only strong brand concepts, but a good start to a logical brand awareness campaign process in which we can arrive at a powerful brand promise for all stakeholders. In efforts to increase awareness to key target segments, Zero322 will work collaboratively with current task team members; folding branding services into the larger picture of our client's design strategy and communication efforts.


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