"I turn the corner. To my surprise, the thundering paws pounding the ground begin to slow, then stop..."

"Most people stay healthy and continue to live life as they wish—that includes living with a special dog. These special dogs are called Balance Dogs."

"Having cared for many dogs, there’s always that one pal that leaves you with a gaping hole in your heart—even before you have to say good-bye."

"As I ponder all the days that my dogs have spoiled me rotten with unconditional love, I believe it’s only right to commemorate ‘National Spoil Your Dog Day.’"

"Two rescue dogs—but only one of them grabs attention."

"While other family members grew impatient with my agenda, Enzo understood what it meant to work hard."

"Wag tail. Knock 1 cup of apple filling into original biscuit mix. Forget eggs. Good. Do it again."